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Swiss Pharma Science Day (SPhSD), University of Bern

The SWISS PHARMA SCIENCE DAY (SPhSD) is an annual event of the Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPhS). The 1st SPhSD was held on October 9, 2008, at the University of Bern. For congress reports including all lecture and poster abstracts see SWISS PHARMA 10/2008, 10/2009, 10/2010, 10/2011, and 10/2012 or SSPhS. The SPhSD offers a platform to present, in form of a poster session, the latest research results of Master and Ph.D. students, as well as Post-Docs of all the three Swiss Academic Institutions for Pharmaceutical Sciences (ETH Zurich, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne EPGL in Geneva and the University of Basel). Master students of the Universities of Applied Sciences, i.e. FHNW  (School of Life Sciences, Muttenz) and ZHAW (Life Sciences and Facility Management, Institute of Biotechnology, W├Ądenswil) are also invited to participate in this event.
The poster session is embedded in a series of lectures given by invited distinguished scientists representing the broad field of pharmaceutical sciences, such as Pharmaceutical Biology, Biotechnology, Technology, Chemistry, Analytics, Engineering, Pharmacology, or Molecular Biology.
One of the primary goals of the SPhSD is to further stimulate professional and social contacts between the students still undergoing training and Alumni, having already a position in industry, hospital, public health administration or public pharmacy. Thus, cooperation and networking between the different institutions in academia and industry and the different fields of pharmaceutical sciences is being promoted.
Last but not least, the SPhSD represents an ideal platform to meet young engineers and scientists, who may be recruited for a position in the academia, hospital, industry, public health administration or public pharmacy.

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen, University of Bern, Dept. Clinical Research

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Borchard, University of Geneva & University of Lausanne, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EPGL),

- 1st SPhSD 2008: Proceedings (SWISS PHARMA 10/2008)

- 2nd SPhSD 2009: Proceedings
(SWISS PHARMA 10/2009)

- 3rd SPhSD 2010: Proceedings
(SWISS PHARMA 10/2010)

- 4th SPhSD 2011: Proceedings
(SWISS PHARMA 10/2011)

5th SPhSD 2012: Proceedings (SWISS PHARMA 10/2012)

- 6th SPhSD 2013: Proceedings (SWISS PHARMA 10/2013)

- 7th SPhSD 2014: Proceedings
(SWISS PHARMA 10/2014)

- 8th SPhSD 2015: Proceedings

- 9th SPhSD, August 31, 2016: Program

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